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A.S.K.N. International Audit Services was established in 1999 and registered to be a company in 2013. A.S.K.N. International Audit Services Co., Ltd. is a well established firm of auditing of financial statements, internal audit and consultants.



   We provide the services consist of

Auditing of financial statements

Accounting service

Internal audit service

Design and analysis accounting system

Implement and improvement of internal control and reporting  systems

The office grants auditing services by certified public accountants.  

We can classify nature business of our clients as follows:


- Manufacturing company

- Service company

- Hotel company

- Investment company

- Property Development company

- Construction company

- Jewelry company

- Media company

- etc.








Besides Certified Public Accountants, we have staffs who have experiences for supporting in fieldwork. Our policies intent to provide the best services to our clients as we know that the fairly stated financial statements are essential for management.

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